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Tuesday, 05 January 2021 18:39

People are talking about us!

RVTRAVEL.COM has a great review of our Luxe 44FL front living floor plan. Thanks, RVTRAVEL.COM!

Check out this review: https://www.rvtravel.com/rv-review-luxe-elite-fifth-wheels/

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Luxe Fifth Wheels has been named Best of the Best [National Award Winner] for 2020 by Rich Noonan Best of the Best Television. Rich does research on thousands of businesses nationwide and chooses the best ones to do a review on. ?Check out this video.

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Monday, 26 October 2020 12:00

The value of the front cap insulation

The value of the front cap insulation is not just to complete the all-around insulation of the unit. It also acts as a defense to the elements while driving down the road at high speeds. With elements, like rain, snow, and wind of many different temperatures, it's important to have a well-protected and insulated front cap. We provide for this specific instance with a radiant barrier, 2 layers of batting insulation and a waterproof Darco material, and the 1 piece fiberglass cap. This provides exceptional protection for your luxury fifth wheel while traveling.

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There is nothing like the fresh from the factory feel of a New Luxe Elite 39FB luxury 5th wheel. I invite you to look at the factory fresh feel of a (Brand New) Luxe. Schedule your factory tour today! (844)284-6678

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Monday, 27 January 2020 18:28

Texas Meet-N-Greet - See a Luxe luxury 5th wheel

texas meet N Greet luxury fifth wheels

Would you like to see a Luxe luxury fifth wheel first hand?
We are about 45mins from the DALLAS RV SUPERSALE 2020
Feb 20 - 22, 2020
Time: 10 am - 6 pm

Luxe Luxury Fifth Wheels - Texas Show Room
7960 Rodeo Trail, Suite 430, Mansfield, TX 76063

We are manning our Autonomous Showroom with extremely knowledgeable factory representatives. Brienne, Deb, Jeri, and Scott will be sharing their manufacturing expertise and will be answering all of your questions about our Luxe fifth wheels and Toy Haulers

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[Sneak Peek Time] More photos! Luxe Toy Hauler ready for Tampa Meet-N-Greet. (Full Time) luxury built strong. Free Easy Parking. Private off-site location (not at the RV Show). ?(844)284-6678 Save your spot

luxury toy hauler 5th wheel exterior

luxury toy hauler 5th wheel side patio

luxury toy hauler 5th wheel dinette

luxury toy hauler 5th wheel sofa

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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 20:54

(Off-Site) Tampa Meet-N-Greet? Free!

(Off-Site) Tampa Meet-N-Greet? Free! Easy in Easy out parking, Free Luxurious Food, Relaxing Environment, One-on-One Appointments, Stay an Hour or a Whole Day. Enjoy being welcomed by all our staff. Jan 14-18,10am-6pm Save Your Spot: https://zurl.co/kBw1

luxury 5th wheel exterior

luxury 5th wheel living room

luxury 5th wheel kitchen

luxury 5th wheel bedroom

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Here are some advantages of our (Front Living) floor plan. Spacious kitchen w/large island, high ceilings throughout kitchen, master bedroom, large comfortable TV area. Can you think of any more? Come visit us to see for yourself. (844)284-6678

front living kitchen

front living kitchen dinette

front living master bedroom

front living room

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Mass producers in the RV industry use a combination of lower quality, builders grade hardwoods, mixed with manufactured pressed-wood and printed paper products. In addition, these builders purchase various components with differing finish processes causing colors and esthetics to vary wildly in adjacent areas. These cheaper components frequently fade, change color, and show accelerated wear over time.

Luxe starts by purchasing high quality Hardwoods of the same species. There is some variation in color with all Hardwoods this adds to the richness of using natural products. Luxe achieves its beautiful, high quality consistent look by using the same hardwood and the same superior hand finish process thru-out the entire coach. Slide out fascia and trims, cabinet stiles, solid raised panel cabinet doors and even solid hardwood interior passage doors, all are consistently elegant . An added benefit are the years of long lasting beauty and richness that is achieved.

Key area comparison

Competitor Luxe

Pressed plywood, Stapled together, Side glides

landmark fifth wheel

Maple hardwood, Dovetailed, Bottom glides

luxury 5th wheel drawer

Press plywood sides and back

landmark fifth wheel

Maple hardwood sides, back and bottom


landmark fifth wheel stiles luxe luxury fifth wheels stiles
landmark fifth wheel island Luxe luxury fifth wheel island

Photo paper on doors

landmark fifth wheel doors

Solid core maple hardwood doors

Luxe luxury fifth wheel solid door

landmark06 luxe02
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Touch and Feel a Real Luxe luxury fifth wheel at Middlefork RV Park, 255 South US 285 Fairplay, CO 80440. Make an appointment here: https://luxefifthwheel.com/luxury-5th-wheel-denver

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