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[Sneak Peek Time] We are taking a Luxe Toy Hauler to the Tampa Meet-N-Greet. (Full Time) luxury built strong. 16-foot garage, side patio. Private off-site location (not at the RV Show). ?(844)284-6678

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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 20:54

(Off-Site) Tampa Meet-N-Greet? Free!

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(Off-Site) Tampa Meet-N-Greet? Free! Easy in Easy out parking, Free Luxurious Food, Relaxing Environment, One-on-One Appointments, Stay an Hour or a Whole Day. Enjoy being welcomed by all our staff. Jan 14-18,10am-6pm Save Your Spot:

luxury 5th wheel exterior

luxury 5th wheel living room

luxury 5th wheel kitchen

luxury 5th wheel bedroom

Thursday, 12 December 2019 17:20

Advantages of our Tampa Meet-N-Greet?

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Advantages of our Tampa Meet-N-Greet? Free! Easy in Easy out parking, Free Luxurious Food, Relaxing Environment, One-on-One Appointments, Stay an Hour or a Whole Day. Enjoy being welcomed by all our staff. Jan 14-18, 10 am-6 pm Save Your Spot:


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tampa rv supershow

tampa rv show

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 17:22

Here are some advantages of our (Front Living) floor plan

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Here are some advantages of our (Front Living) floor plan. Spacious kitchen w/large island, high ceilings throughout kitchen, master bedroom, large comfortable TV area. Can you think of any more? Come visit us to see for yourself. (844)284-6678

front living kitchen

front living kitchen dinette

front living master bedroom

front living room

Luxurious, Built Strong, Residential, Comfortable, Plush, Swanky, Elegant. What other words can you think of to describe a Luxe luxury fifth wheel? Come to our factory and see for yourself. (844)284-6678

luxury fifth wheel half bath

luxury fifth wheel master bath

luxury fifth wheel master bath closet


Tuesday, 03 December 2019 19:25

Insulation is Important to us

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Insulation is important to us. We spend lots of time in our construction process making sure every luxury 5th wheel is insulated properly. Ask us about our insulation. Insulated for sound suppression and efficiency. ? (844)284-6678

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 19:19

Can you cook a Turkey in a Convection Microwave?

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Has anyone cooked a Turkey or dessert in their convection microwave? One of our customers has mastered it. It looks scrumptious! (844)284-6678

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For the very first time we are taking a Luxe luxury toy hauler to Glamis Dunes. Come see us behind Glamis Beach Store on Oct 25,26,27, 2019. 10 am to 6 pm. (844)284-6678

Wednesday, 25 September 2019 18:14

Another great comment about our Meet-N-Greet events

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Another great comment about our Meet-N-Greet events.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Evelyn and I pretty much said the same things about your Star Barn event the first year. That event solidified us putting our deposit down and ordering a Luxe Toy hauler. We took delivery of it this past March. The amount of comments and stares we get ensures us we made a great decision. We have only had a few minor things that had to be fine tuned. Overall, Luxe Fifth wheels in my humble opinion are the best fifth wheels on the market. Continue the great work!! Clamping at its finest!!

Mass producers in the RV industry use a combination of lower quality, builders grade hardwoods, mixed with manufactured pressed-wood and printed paper products. In addition, these builders purchase various components with differing finish processes causing colors and esthetics to vary wildly in adjacent areas. These cheaper components frequently fade, change color, and show accelerated wear over time.

Luxe starts by purchasing high quality Hardwoods of the same species. There is some variation in color with all Hardwoods this adds to the richness of using natural products. Luxe achieves its beautiful, high quality consistent look by using the same hardwood and the same superior hand finish process thru-out the entire coach. Slide out fascia and trims, cabinet stiles, solid raised panel cabinet doors and even solid hardwood interior passage doors, all are consistently elegant . An added benefit are the years of long lasting beauty and richness that is achieved.

Key area comparison

Competitor Luxe

Pressed plywood, Stapled together, Side glides

landmark fifth wheel

Maple hardwood, Dovetailed, Bottom glides

luxury 5th wheel drawer

Press plywood sides and back

landmark fifth wheel

Maple hardwood sides, back and bottom


landmark fifth wheel stiles luxe luxury fifth wheels stiles
landmark fifth wheel island Luxe luxury fifth wheel island

Photo paper on doors

landmark fifth wheel doors

Solid core maple hardwood doors

Luxe luxury fifth wheel solid door

landmark06 luxe02

Touch and Feel a Real Luxe luxury fifth wheel at Middlefork RV Park, 255 South US 285 Fairplay, CO 80440. Make an appointment here:

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 18:30

Newsletter 2

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Direct to Consumer - A New & Better Way

luxury fifth wheel events

Author: Brienne Ropp, Factory Rep
In reflection of our Texas Open House last month, I would like to reach out and thank all of you that visited with us. It was well attended and Deb, Jeri and I loved the opportunity to go through the product live and in person.
We share your passion for quality and are inspired when we are able to see the impressions on your faces. I know a lot of you follow us on Youtube but it doesn’t hold a candle to stepping inside one of these stunning units for yourself.
This showroom has been fantastic for the exposure of the Luxe line and helped us with our biggest hurdle of, “Where can I see one?”
As a consumer direct company, it is our largest challenge, yet there are immense benefits to building a fifth wheel that is truly yours and will last you years to come.
Thank you again for all your stories and laughter, our clients are the best!
luxe luxury fifth wheels Events
Next Event: Meet-N-Greet, Hershey, PA
Where: The Star Barn Village
at Stone Gables Estate

1 Hollinger Lane, Star Barn Way
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Date: September 10 - 14, 2019
Time: 10 am - 6 pm

luxury fifth wheel production ideas What's new in Production

We have made some updates to our 44FL Front Living floor plan. 

The door height between the kitchen and the master bedroom and the master bedroom and master bath are 4 inches higher.

The island has been moved a few inches from the fridge so you can open up the fridge without putting out a slide. It's also been moved a few inches closer to the kitchen slide. This gives you more walking room on the dinette slide area.

We have made the wardrobe slide in the master bedroom deeper. This creates more room between the wardrobe and the king size bed. It's always good to have more floor space.

Also, we've taken the 46FL Front Living floor plan and made it shorter. It's now a 44FL Front Living floor plan. This will help quite a bit with weight and maneuverability.
luxe trucks

Introducing "Luxe Trucks". We have teamed up with one of the leading distributors of Haulers. You have shown an interest in offering a truck as an option with our Luxury Fifth Wheels and Luxury Toy Haulers. Now it's available: "Luxe Trucks"
  • Freightliner M260 - $145,000
  • Hitch - $4999.99
Luxe luxury fifth wheel trucks500 

fifth wheel vendor

Vendor Spotlight

profusion graphics

Our vendors are a vital piece in the success of our Luxury Fifth Wheels construction. Every newsletter we would like to bring you a highlight of one of our vendors and what they provide for us.

Here is Frank from ProFusion Graphics to talk about our window silks.

Window silks have several advantages.
  • Sun protection - 50% UV rays blocked
  • Heat reduction inside
  • Privacy
  • You can still see your view to the outside

luxury fifth wheel analytics

Luxe Analytics

Here are some stats you may be interested in. In February of 2018 we had 124 Luxe inquiries and in 2019 we had 241 inquiries. That's an impressive increase of 194%.  

Product wise, this year we have so much more to offer. We have covered so many more bases with great floor plans like the Front living room. We also now cover a whole new market with luxury toy haulers including the largest garages and side patio arrangements. With a quality that has not been offered before.
Now's the Time ... You are demanding a higher product standard and a better buying experience. We are in the unique position of delivering this.
You have also played a integral part in spreading the word about our luxury fifth wheels and I say, "Thank You".

Used fifth wheel for SALE

used fifth wheels for sale

luxury fifth wheel social media

Best Comments on Social Media

Post] Window Silks give you a seamless look on your Luxury Paint Job. Added privacy and UV protection. Luxury Built Strong (844) 284-6678 [Comment] I love them on my such a pretty finish to the exterior!

[Post] Immerse yourself in Luxury! I invite you to come to our Manufacturing Facility to touch and feel our production process. Ask us questions and see how Luxury is built STRONG? (844) 284-6678
[Comment] Love this layout! Just got ours last week with the custom bunk beds and are on our first trip right now. The quality and space is top notch!
[Comment] I recognize this model... it’s by far the most residential floor plan I’ve ever seen! ❤️ it!
[Comment] Luxe Fifth Wheels I have this model and love it!

Luxe Fifth Wheels | 2503 Marina Dr, Elkhart, IN 46514 | Fully Autonomous Show at 7940 Rodeo Trail, Suite 430, Mansfield, TX 76063 | | (844)284-6678
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Specifications and options subject to change without notice. Due to model year, version updates, and availability, options and standards shown in videos and on our website may change over time. Please Check with your Factory Direct Representative for current accurate specifications
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